Shonach Mirk Robles      

Building a non-competitive environment that forms PEOPLE WHO DANCE  healthy in mind, body and spirit

I cannot imagine teaching ballet without Spiraldynamik®...

Spiraldynamik® has provided me with a logical, systematic way to explain body mechanics and the three dimensional movement possibilities of the joints.  I had always felt the connections between the body and our connection to nature around us, but could never explain to my students the how and why they were connected.  Spiraldynamik® explains the physics of human movement given a) the human anatomical structure, and b) the influence of gravity. 




When I went to my first Spiraldynamik® workshop, it felt as if a gigantic door had opened up in my life.  I finally understood the connection between my two passions; dancing and sailing.  I realized that the balance and harmony around the three axis of the boat and the three axis through my body were one and the same. Sailing is like dancing on water...