Shonach Mirk Robles      

Building a non-competitive environment that forms PEOPLE WHO DANCE  healthy in mind, body and spirit

About the school 

I had always wanted to have my own studio where I could feel "at home".  I was fortunate to find the perfect space in my home town of Horgen, Switzerland that I could share together with my colleague and her play-group. 

The studio measures approximately 65 square meters and is equipped with a modern sound system.  My husband and I put in a spring-floor for protection from high impact shock to the body's joints. We installed ballet barres and mirrors and, after renovation of the building, we now have beautiful big windows providing warming day light to the studio and looking out on to the old part of the town of Horgen. 

We are recognised as an "official dance school" by two associations. One of them, the TanzVereinigungSchweiz, enables the tuition to be repaid in part by most health insurances as preventive medicine. The other association, Danse Suisse (Berufsverband der Schweizer Tanzschaffenden), allows the students who are intent on a career as professional dancer to go to the Kunst und Sport Gymnasium program if they pass the Gymi entrance exams. 

The school has recently welcomed Claudia Rüegg and her jazz classes for adults. We look forward to the collaboration and what it will bring the school in the future.