Shonach Mirk Robles      

Building a non-competitive environment that forms PEOPLE WHO DANCE  healthy in mind, body and spirit


Whether as a dancer, a ballet teacher or a Spiraldynamik® educator, I have always been fascinated with movement.  

As a young child, I can remember being at the beach and running as fast as possible along the rocks of the jetty towards the open ocean.  The challenge of coordinating the jumping from rock to rock at high speed thrilled me. 

When I began to study dance, it was exactly this love of movement that motivated me from one class to the next.  As a professional dancer, I had the wonderful fortune to work with one of Europe's greatest choreographers of the late twentieth century, Maurice Béjart.  Not only was he inspired by my love of movement, but he understood my need to be challenged.    

After a banal accident that terminated my career as a dancer, I discovered that teaching dance was just as interesting to me, if not more so, than actually dancing itself.  Once again, I was challenged with how to explain movement to my students.  Through my encounters with Spiraldynamik® and the years of intense studying that have followed, this primary fascination with movement has only grown stronger than ever. 

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